When launching this blog one of the big questions I was faced to was – where to start? Which event do I want to highlight as THE number one post? Electronic information processing is increasingly present in the Swiss electoral practice (hence the underlined “el” in the title of this blog). So, do I start with Internet voting – the flagship project, or e-collecting – the next big challenge? Do I want to underline digital identification – which holds one of the keys to developments in this field, or the new quest for transparency ? The first post has to be an actual story and a comprehensive and representative one. Ideally it should also give a taste of posts to come.

This blog starting with the new year, I decided that a good way to begin was to look back at 2012 developments and try to identify the most significant ones. As some of them bare seeds that will burgeon in 2013 already, I’ll dare making some predictions on what the year ahead may bring to electoral practice digitization in Switzerland. So instead of One First Post I’ll start with a few short ones which comment the main trends of 2012. Each of them introduces one of the topics that will be explored by this blog.

Two certitudes. First – I’ll revisit these lines sometime next December to see how accurate they turn out to be. Second – 2013 will bring a lot of other, more or less expected developments. This blog will focus on them to keep track, comment, discuss… that’s for sure.

And you, what are your predictions or certitudes for 2013?

I wish you interesting readings and a successful Year!

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