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Publication of Audit Reports of Geneva Internet Voting System

Switzerland. For the first time audit reports of an internet voting system are made entirely available online. The Geneva internet voting system was submitted to three tests in 2012: intrusion test, source code analysis and ISO 9001 evaluation. The results have been made public in accordance with cantonal regulation.

According to legislation adopted in 2009, Geneva internet voting system must be audited at least once in three years. Results should be made available to the public. The Canton recently published the reports of the latest audits on the Internet, namely a source code analysis, an intrusion test, and an ISO 9001 evaluation. Conducted respectively by Kyos IT security, SCRT and Ariaq the audits’ perimeter was defined by the cantonal Chancellery in consultation with involved partners and the Central Electoral Commission – an independent body made up of representatives from all political parties whose mission is to closely monitor internet voting (as well as other voting channels). The audit’s recommendations were already implemented and tested during the last internet vote of 3 march 2013.

A short report from the cantonal Government and the reports of the three audits were made available to the cantonal Parliament last month and are published online (in French). We will come back to them in future posts. Let us stress here that with such publication Geneva sets a new transparency milestone in conformity with international recommendations of the Council of Europe and OSCE/ODIHR.

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