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Casting votes on the Internet

Switzerland & the Future of Elections The spring 2013 issue of the Harvard International Review features an article on the Swiss internet voting experience, by Alexander H. Trechsel and Urs Gasser. Published before the latest developments of last Summer (Report … Continue reading

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“Internet voting and federalism: the Swiss case” in RGDPC

New paper The Spanish General Review of Compared Public Law (Revista general de derecho publico comparado or RGDPC) dedicates a special issue to the juridical dimension of e-voting, “El voto electrónico y sus dimensiones jurídicas: entre la ingenua complacencia y … Continue reading

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Has internet voting increased participation?

Evaluating the impact of internet voting The regular use of internet voting in the past ten years in canton Geneva (Switzerland) offers an interesting basis to evaluate the impact of this voting channel on electoral participation. This is also the … Continue reading

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Future of Voting Systems

Exploring trends in voting system technology A two and a half days Symposium on the Future of Voting Systems is taking place in Maryland (USA). The event is webcast live and related conversation can be followed on twitter at #FOV13. … Continue reading

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